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We are the NO 1 SMS Hub in Nigeria. With Extensive IT Experience.

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Cheapest and the most Reliable Bulksms Portal in Nigeria

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It's really simple. Just click on the 'Register' button at the top of the website and fill the registration form. And then you are done.


It's easy also. Then click the 'Login' button at the top also and enter the 'Username' and 'Password' you entered during registration.

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Then enter your phone number and update your profile. Click on the 'Compose SMS' link and start sending bulksms immediately to your contacts.

  • Peace Thompson

    In my neighboruhood, I earn a side income sending bulksms to friends, churches, schools and neighbours who want to send bulksms to people inviting them to their events. I have been using Steadysms.com and I can say that I am proud of their services and customer support. There is 99.9% up-time, the 1% downtime I have experienced, Steadysms support team were on ground to resolve the issue. Steadysms, please carry go. 

  • Austin Basil

    I am happy using Steadysms.com sms gateway to send bulksms to my clients and contacts. My messages have always been delivered with the speed of light. I thank the team behind Steadysms.com sms portal for giving us a reliable, easy-to-use and cheap bulksms gateway. I can conclusively say that this is the best bulksms gateway in Nigeria and even in Africa. Thank you so much. I am a happy customer.

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Phone: 08123442584 or 08123442585

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We have gathered enough experience that can make you to confidently trust us to power your mobile messaging.

Modern Business

Every business that must beat the pack and succeed the harsh competition in its industry, but reach out to its customers faster.

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We have succeeded in assembling the best software and hardware technology to offer you great experience sending sms from our gateway.

People may not answer your calls, but they must read your sms. Start sending sms to your contacts.

steadysms.com - Nigeria leading bulksms gateway

Why SteadySMS?

Our bulksms gateway delivers bulksms to all GSM Networks in Nigeria and to over 800 Networks in over 160 Countries with instant delivery and report.

With the latest bulksms software at our disposal, we have everything it takes to power your mobile messaging. Whetehr as an end user or a reseller, you will be proud using our bulksms portal. We have succeeded in redefining bulksms business in Nigeria and we are currently setting the pace in bulksms industry.